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Greater Purpose Life Unlimited 101

Hey! I'm Annie Anderson, creator of Greater Purpose Life Unlimited. If you're new to the world of following your dreams, creating something meaningful, and building a business that gives back, this page is for you! It contains the info you need to deepen your impact - both for yourself and those around you.

If you're like most of my readers and clients, you're a high-achiever. You are committed to excellence in both business and life. You strive to grow, to deepen your intuition, do something meaningful and reach your highest potential. You want to leave a lasting impact on the world around you.

Does this sound like you?

But perhaps you feel like you're in over your head. Like you're a fraud. Perhaps you feel like being successful and managing it all, while also fulfilling your deepest dreams and visions, is beyond your ability.

  • Do you feel like life is moving faster than you can manage it?
  • Do you fear important things will fall through the cracks?
  • Do you worry that you're not good enough to fulfill your vision?

I totally get it.

For years, I felt like I was on a roller coaster. Success often came at the expense of my health and relationships. I was exhausted and felt trapped. I dreaded Monday's and the new roller coaster ride the week would bring.

So, in late 2013 when the Universe gave me giant wake up call and kicked my ass, I closed my construction company and went full time in the business I had always known was my life's work - coaching and mentoring visionaries with big dreams.

It was then I realized that creating something meaningful was more important than anything else.

If you're like me, that means building a business based on your intuition, your dreams, your vision. Deepening your connection with your own truth and spirit so that you can make the impact you're truly here to make.

My goal in writing this blog and the work I do

My mission is to shake you awake to your dreams. Help you tune in to the light and the love within you, to delve deeper into your intuition and your desires for your life.

From practical tips on productivity, to strategies for personal growth and development, to influence and the contribution you make through your work and life, my goal is to empower you to do what matters most.


Master Your Vision

Tune into your intuition deeper than ever before and allow it to lead your world. Allow your intuition to inform your vision and help you navigate your dreams. Let your vision and your mission pull you forward so you can make the impact your here to make.


Master Your Platform

Learn the tools, systems, and processes to bring form to your vision and level up your messaging, your audience and your brand along the way. This is where your Inner Alchemy shapes the external - your work - and where your purpose leads.


Master Your Business

You've got a rock solid platform, your messaging is on point, and your systems and processes are pro. You're ready to truly master your business so you can grow and scale rapidly, easily, and really create the impact you're here to make.

"Annie Anderson is hands-down one of the most powerful coaches I've ever worked with. She has an incredible ability to make me feel safe, supported, and ready to take action. She's part-coach, part-energy healer, part-overall badass."

Mike Iamele

"Working with Annie is nothing short of transformative. She has a way of holding space and expanding your vision with you and then seamlessly channeling it down and grounding it in the here and now. Suddenly what felt impossible, not only feels possible, but feels totally easy. This is just part of the magic of Annie. Considering working with her? If you are ready to go big and get real, then no consideration needed."

Jenean Zunk

"For me, Annie Anderson just hits the right notes. I've had plenty of coaches in the past but no one has been able to tap into my own sense of empowerment quite like Annie has. When I look at where I was when I had my first conversation with her versus where I am now, it's pretty amazing. No - it's downright miraculous. Annie has a special ability to help you envision a big dream that doesn't compromise what you truly want and who you want to become. She's got laser focus, skill and a huge heart. She'll help you mold the clay of your life into the masterpiece of your choosing. I'm IN all the way, Annie. Hell yeah!!"

Christina Caudill


Rockstar Biz Club

Productivity. Systems. Processes. Tools. And more. Plus, challenges and fun!



Inner Alchemy

Go beyond your dreams and visions into true alchemy, your deepest inner world.



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