Love. Lead. Legacy.

Humans often tend to want to see tangible results when paying someone for services. I get it. So here is my list after working with Annie Anderson:

  • 10 flights in 2015 while working a regular 9-5
  • Paid off several thousand in Credit Card Debt
  • Spent a Day with elephants and then a day with Tigers on an adventure of a lifetime in Thailand.
  • Now creating a legacy retreat for women in Thailand working with a drone based conservationist for endangered species.
  • Successfully handled a massive project at work with zero supervision and guidance
  • Asked to build a program for and train sales reps at work – one of my dreams
  • Signing up for training my voice with a 5 time Grammy winner
  • Traveling to Paris and Barcelona for my birthday
  • Getting over my fears around carbs/food, and realizing I don’t have a binge eating problem, I needed more carbs.
  • Manifesting the man of my dreams – and – being able to see that despite one not working out, I can do it over and over.

But here’s the thing – that’s all really cool and shit… but guess what? I didn’t make a single dollar more, I didn’t buy a big house and a fancy car…Yet, I blew through so many dreams of mine without pushing for NEW dollars by managing my EXISTING abundance and curating my character consistently towards more of WHO I want to become. THAT is legacy. Today’s BMW will become tomorrow’s Porsche and the next day a Ferrari. Those things are just things. So did Annie teach me how to get those things? No. Did she teach me how to become who I became? No. Instead, she gave me the gift of a lifetime. She gave me space to BE. To allow myself to want what I want, to feel and own as big as I am and when I owned my power, we synergize. That synergy and collaboration is what this world is calling us to do and to decide who I wanted to become. Its resulted in massive shifts, most of them immeasurable and priceless. Because having it all will kill you if you haven’t curated and prepared your character and soul for all that you desire. So, the best part is, you get to choose. Love. Lead. Legacy

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