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The only real requirement for growth

Let go of the idea that growth and expansion require pain and suffering and heartache. They don’t.

Listen – pain is not a requirement for growth.

Suffering is not a requirement for growth. You don’t have to hurt in order to grow. The only real requirement for growth is a desire for change or a willingness to change. Growth occurs because your soul knows you’re ready for the next step.

Being true to yourself and being love in every moment are the way forward.

And love and truth never hurt.

If you think that love hurts or that truth hurts, you don’t truly understand the meaning of either.

But I get it. We, as a society, have been led to believe that love hurts. We’ve been led to believe that truth hurts.

What hurts is your disconnection from truth. Your disconnection from real, pure, unconditional love. And when you get that, your life will change tremendously.

When you fully understand and know within your heart and soul that love and truth cannot cause pain, that love and truth can ONLY cause more love and truth, there will be no reason for anything less.

When the whole world can understand that, we will be able to eradicate pain and suffering, poverty and war and violence. We will be able to eliminate hate and fear and disempowerment.

When humanity can understand that and know the truth of love within their hearts and souls, the world will know peace.

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