The idea of scaling ones business is the biggest trap I see entrepreneurs fall into.

What’s the “scaling trap?” It’s simple. . .

Scaling before you’re ready.

Many people seem to think that once they hit a certain level of income over a few months, it’s time to ‘scale’ their business. There are a handful of problems with this but we’re going to talk about the 2 most detrimental ones.

1. Systems

The most detrimental problem with scaling too early is that most businesses – especially small or solo businesses – don’t yet have the right systems in place. And when your systems are lacking, your foundation is not solid enough to sustain the growth you’re trying to build. In order to have a solid foundation for your biz, you gotta have the right systems in place before you scale and grow.

Now, understand that every business requires different systems. However, there are some basics that all businesses should have moving forward and while extremely important, that’s a post for another day.

I will tell you now, though, that your systems should be consistent and repeatable.

Bottom line: without the right systems, growth is not sustainable.

2. Planning

Scaling too early without a plan, or with a haphazard plan, is asking for trouble. I know, I know – planning is hard and you just want to get to the end result. But not truly understanding where you’re going AND how you’re going to get there is almost as detrimental to your growth as lack of systems.

Having a framework for what you want to accomplish at each step along the way will help you scale at the right time and right pace for your business. Strategic growth is the most sustainable form of growth. And in order to have sustainable growth, you must know, not only where you’re going,  but how you’re going to get there.

That doesn’t mean you need every little detail planned out to the nth degree. It simply means you need to know the next step and where that step is going to lead. Ideally, you should have a roadmap for the next 90 days. Beyond that, it’s often too fuzzy and you’ll give up trying to plan anything at all.

But, Annie. . . what about my intuition and going with the flow?

Listen – I’m all for using your intuition to guide your business. It’s how I guide mine. AND I also know that when you use your intuition hand in hand with a solid plan, your growth can be exponential.

Bottom line: sustainable growth requires a well-thought-out – and implemented – plan.

If you get these 2 things right – adequate, consistent, repeatable systems and a clear, concise executable plan – you’ll be ready to scale your business in no time. And when you scale your business based on solid systems and workable plans, your business will support and sustain YOU.

And isn’t that the whole idea?

Ready for the next step?

Schedule a Roadmap Session. $250. You’ll get 90 minutes of support and evaluation to help you create a rock solid foundation for your business.

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