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#ThemeWord 2019

Every year around this time as I’m journaling and feeling into what’s ahead for the coming year, I choose a word to represent the energies I want to carry forward. A word that will represent how I want to feel, what I want to do. 

For 2018, that word has been CHAMPION. Not just to be the best, to excel, but to advocate and support others. It’s been my reminder to always do my best, to operate with integrity, to seek excellence in all I do. Because my mission requires it. 

It’s also been my reminder to be a champion for others. To cheer them on. To lead and to guide and to uplift. Because that IS my mission.

And for 2019, I’ll not only carry the energy of champion forward but the new word as well: BOLD

I’ve chosen bold for two reasons:

First, to remind myself to have courage and confidence in myself and my abilities instead of second-guessing my thoughts, my ideas, my words. To speak from my core and my truth even when my voice is shaking.

But more than that, BOLD is my reminder to speak up for others who can’t speak up for themselves. To call out injustice and malice, especially the subtle kinds that affect so many. To be an ally for those around me.

It’s my reminder that our voices matter and that as leaders, as visionaries, as healers, we have to be the lighthouse. We have to use our voices to light the way.

Because, I am my brother’s keeper. I am my sister’s keeper. 

And so are you. 

We are here to raise each other up.  
We are to love one another.

Because this life takes a village. It takes a village to care for each other. To support each other.  

Guess what?

We are here to BE the village. 
We ARE the village. 

So for me, 2019 is BOLD. 

How about you? Have a chosen a word for next year yet?  

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