Does this describe you?

You’re an entrepreneur with a bent for the spiritual

You’re interested in doing meaningful work

You have a penchant for getting things done

You’re an action-taker with big dreams who’s ready to make them happen and you will stop at nothing to see your dreams become reality. You’re relentless in the quest of your vision. You feel your mission on this planet to the core of your being and you know it’s meant to be.

And yet. . . things aren’t quite flowing for you.

Sometimes things feel like an uphill battle. And that’s not what you want. You don’t want to follow some cookie-cutter approach like everyone else is doing, though – you want to stand out. Because you know you’re here in this lifetime to do something meaningful.

Trailblazer is a program that will help you unravel everything you have – all your knowledge, your tools, your resources, experiences, skills – and weave them together with your desires – your life’s work, your purpose, your passion – to create a truly meaningful life and business that will take you from where you are now to where – and who – you want to be.

What exactly IS The Badass Trailblazer??

Yeah, that’s a good question!

TBT is a group mentorship program that is designed to give you real, in-the-trenches knowledge, tools, and resources you can use to build your empire and create your legacy. In fact, that’s TBT’s tagline – “Build empires. Create legacy.

Every month you get access to business training modules, self-development trainings, and real, live, interactive support so that you can do what you’re here in this lifetime to do. It’s about making a powerful impact that changes the world.

And even though you know you’re sooo close, maybe you’re struggling with what’s next. Struggling with that 5% gap between where you are and where you want to go.

And I would love to help you close that gap and make an even deeper impact.

See, the way through your challenges isn’t always another tool or another system or another course. Often when you get to this place in your business, it’s about investing in YOU. In your leadership. Investing in your legacy.

That’s what my Badass Trailblazer Mentorship group is all about.

I firmly believe and know without a doubt that your legacy isn’t just what you leave behind – it’s what you CREATE while you’re living.

Your legacy is found in your connection to the innermost core of WHO YOU ARE.

Your legacy is found in your connection to god, and to the still small voice inside.

It’s found in your connection to your intuition. Your connection to love and truth.

It’s found in your voice. In your vision. In your heart and soul.


The Badass Trailblazer Mentorship Program – TBT for short – is about illuminating the light of love within you. It’s about recalibrating your energetic vibration to the Divine Code you have inside your being.

And then, when those connections are rock solid and unshakable, bringing YOU – fully, intuitively, unapologetically, wholeheartedly – into everything you DO. Into everything you SPEAK. Into everything you BE.

This is not a cookie-cutter program. It’s a deep dive around YOU and your vision, your desires, your dreams. We go deeply into both the internal and external including business strategy and more. We clear the energetic patterns that keep you stuck, the ones that hold you back. We dissolve the pain and the trauma and the struggle that keeps you from receiving your highest good.

When the TBT is over, you walk away with a clear, aligned roadmap designed around YOU and your mission. You will walk away fully connected to your inner truth, to your Divine Code, to god. You’ll walk away with a rock solid foundation that can’t be shaken.

You will walk away fully rooted and grounded in love, purpose and freedom.

Trailblazer Scout


Access to trainings, content, the main Trailblazer “lounge” and more


Any available discounts will be applied at checkout

Trailblazer Adventurer


Access to trainings, content, the main Trailblazer “lounge” PLUS

The Adventurer Lounge, videos, livestreams, and more


Any available discounts will be applied at checkout

So now, you may be wondering who I am and why you should consider TBT. . .

My name is Annie Anderson and I’m an intuitive coach and business strategist for high-caliber leaders, visionaries and change-makers on a mission to light up the world.

But, let me start a few years back. . .

About 20 years ago, my web and graphic design business was beginning to take off, and with two kids at home, I needed to create systems in place that would maximize my time with both my family and my career.

It wasn’t until 2003 that I fully embraced my true calling on this planet – to help others (like you) succeed – which led to becoming a certified coach and ordained minister. And as I learned those processes and concepts, I realized that with my design knowledge, my exceptional organizational skills and my ability to see BOTH the big picture AND the details, I could REALLY help a lot of people find their purpose and build businesses that give back.

I’ve developed systems and tools and processes over the years that work, that lay the foundation for building strong leadership. Frameworks and structures that are game-changers. Strategies and methods that make all the difference.

These systems are not just external–I work with you to start building INTERNAL shifts and practices as well.

The energetic shifts, the vibrational shifts, the mindset and divine blueprints you already have within you that create expansion and higher awareness when you fully lean into them.

In the last 10 years, I have created several long sustaining businesses, including the One Peace project thanks to these methods. In addition, I have helped over 30 clients start and grow their own businesses.

And I’m not just talking about online “solopreneur” businesses (web design, coaching, astrology, copywriting, photography). My methods work for brick & mortar companies too – like gas stations, cleaning companies, landscaping businesses, real estate companies, investment firms, restaurants, hair salons and my own construction company – to name a few.

Now, I am teaching these methods to you.

Bottom line: I created The Badass Trailblazer Mentorship program for YOU – to help you build a business and lifestyle you love and enable you to give back to your family, your community and the world all while fulfilling your deepest sense of purpose and contribution.


Here’s what you need to know about TBT


The first week of every month, a brand new training module will open up in the membership portal. You’ll have all week to go through the training videos and resources at your own pace. As you work through the module, you’ll want to take notes and jot down any questions you might have.

Some lessons include downloads – eBooks, audio meditations, worksheets, and more


Week two of the month, we’ll have a live Q&A call where you and other members can ask questions about the training and get support for any questions you have about it. We’ll dive into the models and inner workings of the module and you’ll get real-life examples to help you understand and integrate the knowledge.

There will be Member Spotlights now and then too and you’ll have the chance to get in the “hot seat” and get specific answers to YOUR business and life questions.


Then in week three of the month, we’ll have a second live call where we’ll talk about implementation and resources you can use plus we’ll review a little bit. We’ll also open it up for Q&A again so that you can get support for any additional questions, ideas, thoughts, or concerns that have come up since the last call.

Additionally, there will be guest mentors on occasion. You’ll get to learn from them and interact with them too.


On the fourth week of every month, another video training will open up in your membership portal that will deal specifically with review and planning for the month ahead. There will also be training on anything else that came up during the month so you get an even deeper look into the month’s’ materials.

Week four is also known as integration week. It’s a pretty light week and allows you space to truly integrate and implement what you’ve learned. It’s also a great time to take a break! (This is the week my private clients LIVE for! They LOVE the rest and break time.)


Other information you need to know:


Part of what makes the program so powerful is the interaction, connection, and support you receive from the other members. That’s why we have a private, members only Facebook group to continue the conversation between calls.


Every so often, you’ll receive extra “mini-courses” for being a member. These will come out approximately 4 times per year (once per quarter) and will usually be about 4 weeks long. They will be in addition to the regular monthly content.

You will access these mini-courses in the same membership portal where the TBT trainings are located on The New Phoenix School website. When they release, they will automatically be unlocked in your membership account.

So, to recap, you get

Monthly training videos

Live interactive calls each month

Special bonus content 

Private membership community

JOIN SCOUT JOIN ADVENTURER One of the major things I help my coaching clients with is tapping into their BIG DREAMS, often dreams they didn’t even know they had or dreams they’ve stuffed down inside them. These dreams often go unnoticed or worse – we think we could NEVER do them because they’re too big or too scary or we’re not ready or any number of other reasons. But guess what? Perhaps you’ve heard the saying “God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called.” And that’s absolutely true. Spirit/Source/God/The Universe doesn’t especially care that we might not be “qualified” in human terms. We’re qualified in Universal power and endorsement. Source knows *exactly* what YOU are capable of – when you let go of all the excuses and reasons and what-nots. And if you lean into that, if you answer that calling, you WILL be qualified. You are qualified simply for the fact that Spirit planted that seed within you. The truth is – our dreams are not of us, they are not about us. They are the Universe working it’s magic and miracles through us. Listen – your dreams are meant to stretch you, to expand you, to share your knowledge and your truth and your heart, your soul with those you are here to serve in whatever capacity you’re here to do so. We make things more complicated than they are. But reaching our dreams, letting them out of our hearts and into the world is really quite simple. . .
  • Stop forcing shit to happen
  • Take a break. Every. Single. Day.
  • Go have fun and PLAY
  • Create systems that work for YOU not the gurus
  • Only DO the stuff that lights you up like a million rays of sun
  • Say YES. A lot.
  • Say NO even more
  • Connect with people who inspire you, love you, SEE you
  • Breathe deeply and tune into your SOUL constantly
  • LOVE. Love more. Love stronger. Love deeper.
And THEN. . . LOVE even more. See, the truth is – you know. It might be layered underneath drama and chaos and all that stuff, but it’s all there inside you. Waiting. And sometimes you just want someone standing with you, hearing you, holding space with you to bring it forward. To allow it all to emerge and unfold. Easily. Gracefully. Authentically. And that’s what I do. I walk the path alongside you. Listen to what you’re saying, hear what you’re REALLY saying. . . AND tune into what you’re not saying. We unravel all the parts that are keeping you stuck and on the sidelines in your life. We crack the code that’s keeping you anxious, worried and spinning your wheels in your business. And then we create systems and tools and services that light you up, rock your world and create massive forward momentum. You have permission to experience your dreams. It’s your Divine Right. When you’re ready for support for you and your dreams, I’m here. Reach out and let’s bring your dreams and desires to life. I’d love for you to join TBT! JOIN SCOUT JOIN ADVENTURER

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