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Several months ago, I began merging my work into one cohesive platform and as I get closer to fully integrating that, I’ve come to a realization. . .

The work I’ve done as a coach over the past handful of years has been to help people create new businesses by tapping into their big dreams and getting things off the ground. Productivity, systems and processes, and planning and strategy have been the backbone of the work I do.

And as always happens – because life is about evolution – it’s time for me to move into the next chapter.

Deeper into the Inner Alchemy of your business.

But it doesn’t stop there. We go deep into the Inner Alchemy of your business so that you can grow and scale properly with solid foundations and frameworks in place. . . both within and without. And then. . . we actually IMPLEMENT that into your work so that your business can grow and scale rapidly. Which is where most businesses fail.

Which means. . .  this transition of my work is moving from working with new businesses to working with established businesses.

Now, don’t worry – I’m not leaving new businesses behind! In fact, I’ve got some plans in place to create some pretty awesome courses and programs that will continue to help those at the beginning stages of businesses, too. One of those will be happening very soon, though I haven’t quite nailed down when.

I’ve broken down my work into 3 levels and . while I will be giving more emphasis to Levels 2 and 3, as I mentioned above, I’ve still got lots of great stuff planned for folks at Level 1 as well. So, if that’s you – don’t worry! I’m still around to help you out.

Regardless of what level you’re at right now, there’s something here for you.

Here’s what it all looks like. . .


In business 0-3 years. Making less than $100k per year.
This is where we tap into your big dreams and get your business off the ground.


The Badass Trailblazer Membership – a monthly membership program with videos, audios, members-only calls, etc
The Five Things Method Workshop – a pre-recorded workshop that walks you through my planning and strategy system – Five Things Method
Dream Incubator – an upcoming 8 week course on really tapping into your biggest dreams and making them happen


In business 2-6 years. Making $100k or more per year.
This is about getting all of your systems and processes in place and fine tuning your frameworks.


Soulfire Inner Circle – my flagship 9-month mastermind program with hands-on, deep coaching
Empire Builder Blueprint – a forthcoming 90 day “bootcamp” course launching summer 2018


In business 3-8 years. Making a minimum of $500k per year.
This level is about growing and scaling rapidly and properly for YOUR business and goals.


Coming in the fall of 2018 and early 2019. Stay tuned!

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