How’s your Monday going?

You know, I used to hate Mondays. Dreaded them. Like almost to the point of anxiety attack, dread.

My life was nothing like I’d imagined it would be. I was running 2 companies, making a shitload of money but everything else was out of whack.

My former partner was wreaking havoc on both companies and my stress level was so high, it was out of this world. I could hardly function.

And then I made the best decision I’ve ever made:

I closed both companies and walked away from everything.

That was the fall of 2013.

Five years later and now I love Mondays. I get to wake up each week and connect with amazing people after spending Saturdays with my grandson and Sundays doing whatever I want.

Now listen – there are still days when things don’t go right. There are still days when I get stressed about something.

Life is not perfect.

And heck – I’m not even making half of what I made back then.

But I’ll tell you what. . .

None of that matters because today I’m on a mission. I have a vision that compels me forward. One that wakes me up every day and gives me purpose.

And that’s what I’d love to see for you.

Which is one reason I created one hell of an offer – the Everything Pass. . .

Where you get EVERYTHING I create in 2019 plus many of my current programs for one price.

I haven’t made a video for this offer yet but I did put up a down and dirty page about it last night.

Check it out here – 

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