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Something I have been thinking a lot about lately as my work shifts and becomes more cohesive between all that I do. I’ve been scared shitless to share it but I posted it on my Facebook timeline recently and it’s gotten way more support than I thought it would. So, I’m sharing it here with you today.

We aren’t healers.

Nobody is actually a healer. I was going to say that there are very few true healers but when I really checked in with that idea, I found that it’s not true.

No one on this planet is a healer.

We are energy movers.
Energy alchemists.
Energy strategists.
Energy masters.

But we are not healers.

What we do is move energy or shift energy or release energy or dissolve energy.

We don’t heal. We remove the energy that’s causing the issue and the body does it’s own healing from there. That’s what our bodies are supposed to do; it’s what they’re designed to do – heal themselves.

The healing is a by-product of moving the energy and NOT the doing of the “healer.” The person being healed is the real healer.

See, here’s the thing:

This view gives the power back to the individual, and THAT is really powerful.

And truly, the objective.

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