For most of July, I’ve been in kind of a rocky place. You might even have noticed that I haven’t emailed you in quite some time. . .

In fact, I haven’t written at all in weeks. I’ve barely been on Facebook or anywhere else. The only things I’ve really done are met with current clients and started development on a couple things that are coming later this year.

And last week, I totally bombed a major project. It hurt my heart. A lot. 

But then a few days ago I woke up – after several weeks of weird, almost frightening dreams (something that never happens) – and KNEW beyond a doubt that I was ok and whatever shadow had been hanging around was totally gone.

So, in honor of this space and in honor of the great energies that are approaching for each and every one of us over the next few months, I want to you offer a 50% discount on my best selling offer of all time –

The Energy + Insight Series

Why should you consider getting an E+I Report?

Well, I know I’m not the only who has been feeling uncertain, out of their element, detached and disconnected, and just plain “off” lately. I know it’s happening to many of us around the world.

And I also know that the incoming energies that the lunar eclipse ( happening on July 27) are going to completely renew and rebirth many of us as well.

That’s why NOW is an especially auspicious time and an E+I Report will help you traverse the challenges you’ve been experiencing as well as bring in and fully integrate the forthcoming energies.

You’ll receive one Energy + Insight Report based on your responses to the questionnaire (which you’ll be taken to right after purchase), an energy clearing, and an attunement to your desires and highest good PLUS weekly attunements for 6 weeks AND 6 weeks of unlimited email support.

All you have to do to receive 50% off is choose the Energy + Insight Series option and then use the code SUM18 at checkout.

All the details are here on my website – Energy + Insight Reading

And then remember to choose the Series to get your special offer (the coupon code is not good on the single report, ONLY for the Series).

OR skip right to the checkout page.

And I’ll see YOU on the other side.

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Annie Anderson

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