Several years ago when I couldn’t find the kind of planner I was looking for online or in stores, I did what I often do: created one myself! I called it “The Five Things Method” because it’s based on what I discovered as the ideal number of tasks one can really do in a day. And after a few years of using it, revising it, offering it as the freebie on my website, and giving it away to clients, I decided to make it even better and sell it because of the rave reviews it was getting.

Back in 2016, I created a physical edition along with the regular digital edition but it was SO MUCH WORK! So, I only offered it as a physical product that one time. It was so much work, in fact, that I almost didn’t even continue the digital edition!

And then this year, I decided it was time to update it to really reflect what it is and I changed the name. . .



The Whole Life Business Planner is a 90 day planner designed to help you track not only your business goals but your life goals too. With Daily, Weekly, and Monthly pages to allow you to see both the Big Picture AND the Details, you’ll smash your goals in record time and generate massive forward momentum. Combine that with the 2021 Playbook and you’ll be well on your way to finding balance that works for you and the way you live and work.

The Playbook is a short guide designed to walk you through what worked this year, what didn’t work this year, how to improve, and how to call in what you desire most for the coming year ahead. It gives you space to think and to dream and be creative.

Check out The Whole Business Planner here and the 2021 Playbook here.

Until October 25th, you can get the Planner by itself for $25, the Playbook by itself for $15 or the combo for $35. After that, it’ll be $35 for the planner and $45 for the combo.

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