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Biz Strategy & Planning

The Course Roadmap

Your hands-on, one-to-one deep dive into creating your course. We lay all of your pieces out on the table and get to work creating an outline, content, and everything else you need to get your course up and running quickly.

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The Legacy Circle

In 2020, I'm bringing back my original Mastermind group - The Legacy Circle - where it all started. We'll dive into who you are at your innermost core and how that relates to your work in the world so you can bring even more of that special sauce to your legacy. Because I truly believe your legacy is not what you leave behind; it's who you are while you are living. And more.

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Productivity & Implementation

The Five Things Method Workshop

The Five Things Method Workshop is a video series designed to help you figure out what's most important each day. You'll learn strategies for time management, self care, productivity methods, setting goals and intentions, and much more.

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Empire Builder Intensive

So, you've been in business for a while. You're making decent money. Consistently. But something is missing, things keep slipping through the cracks. Empire is a a step-by-step process designed and built for YOU and your business. A process you can follow simply, easily, and with minimal effort - and maximum impact.

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Inner Alchemy & Personal Mastery

Energy + Insight Report

Sometimes you want more than just a reading or energy work but don't need ongoing support. That's where Energy + Insight comes in. You can ask my anything and I’ll give you a boost of my special brand of healing energy and any special messages that might come through for you, all wrapped up in a nice report you can refer back to when you need it.

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Soulfire Inner Circle

You are on this planet right now because you have a soul calling, a divine blueprint that only you can fulfill. And if you’re like most people, it’s become distorted by the world around you. And yet you know without a doubt there's something bigger out there for you. Maybe you're ignoring it because it feels 10 sizes too big. Or maybe it feels too scary. But now it’s time to relinquish the patterns that are keeping you frayed, disconnected, confined and invisible. It’s time to collapse the outdated models that are keeping you stuck, unhappy, angry, frustrated and restricted.

Now is the time to redefine YOU.

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WP Webdesign & Development

WP Course Site Design

While adding a course portal to your website isn't that difficult, sometimes you just want some help! I totally understand. Figuring out all the little details and making sure each piece is configured correctly is a tedious process. It's easy to make a mistake and it's super easy to get overhwhelmed by it all. But it doesn't have to be that way. In this Course Site Design package, we'll get your course portal designed and built for you whether you already have an existing WordPress website or need a new one.

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Standard WP Site Design

With this package, you get a new WordPress website (up to 8 pages) with all necessary plugins installed and configured plus my Starter theme customized to your colors and branding. It also includes design and formatting of your pages as well as templates for you to create additional pages later if you need them.

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More Products & Services to Help You Live Your Dreams

Listed below are a few things that are similar to the products and services above but are a bit less expensive if you're on a budget. Feel free to check them out if you'd like additional support in creating and living your dreams.




A collection of some of my original writing work, each in a blog format you can read online for FREE! Click the button to read!



Get your copy of my Five Things Method Planning System, all new and updated for 2020. Download it immediately!




Great for those who are ready for more in-depth support as they navigate the world of living their dreams fully




Come join us in the Rockstar Biz Club Facebook group and learn about building your biz on your own terms from a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years experience!

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